God Held Me

God knew that it was time for a shift in my mindset & life. He knew that I needed to be among people who have been to hell and back yet still knew how to praise Him!

See, I thought about the fact that just several years ago, I was searching for completion and what had been given to me was more than I could have ever imagined. I still smile because God wasn’t moved by my desire to “assist” him, and all I can say is that (IN DUE SEASON) EVERYTHING breaks free!

The carousel that I remained on kept me going in circles because I hadn’t consulted DADDY on anything. I had to stop & ask myself :
“Sweetie, what have you been too afraid to believe or ask God for?”
Did not the word say, ” Ask & it SHALL BE given unto you-if you ask in MY NAME [JESUS-the ALPHA & THE OMEGA] the only ONE who can grant your desires?”

How can I desire a thing if I’m too lazy or fearful to take the first step? I decree & declare that as “first steps” toward our destinies are taken, God will meet us at our greatest place of need. He’s not concerned with the schematics of our desires; the master plan has already been strategically written. Do you really need to see the blueprint?  I trust in His architectural abilities. He created the heavens AND the earth!!

When I think of the song by Zacardi Cortez, “God Held Me Together”, it makes me stop to say Thank You because I know that God has kept me super glued together with duct tape on the outside! I have been discouraged while keeping a smile plastered across my face. I have wanted to give up so many times, but He wouldn’t give up on me.


There’s such a fine line between sanity & insanity, and so many things have pushed me to the brink, but He kept me. Things seemed to pile up all at once, but He kept me. I wanted to walk away from so much, but He kept me. I wanted to throw in the towel because I was so worn out, but God KEPT ME.
The only way I know how to show Him how much I appreciate his blessing is to continue to walk this walk and tell my story to anyone that I meet!

Thank you God for being my:
strong tower, my prince of peace, my light in dark places, my hope, my joy, my salvation, my peace, my shield, and my deliverer.

Thank you Lord for covering, protecting, and loving me in spite of me.

Thank you Lord for simply being my all & all.


Wait On God

I went back and read the Book of Ruth AGAIN!  We always focus on the fact that Ruth met and married Boaz and achieved great riches and a darn good man!  Besides, what woman isn’t praying for a Boaz?  Ruth was a courageous woman who chose loyalty over practicality.  She could have gone back to her people, but she chose a path that would ultimately lead her to a blessing!  Often we as women look for a potential suitor that can provide for us financially, but when God orchestrates an entire plan, the blessing will be above and beyond anything that we can imagine!  For Ruth’s faithfulness, she received the ultimate reward:

  • A DEVOTED man
  • A man of his WORD

Can we truly be a “Ruth” and forsake the known for the unknown? Can we completely trust God to take care of our needs?   Can we walk away from the life we’d always known to an unknown land with unfamiliar people?  Can we be open to the advice of a wise woman, who knew and understood the customs of her people?  Had Ruth not adhered to Naomi’s wise advice and chose the “I’ve got this”, “I’m younger and prettier”, “You’ve been out of the game for years, so you don’t know what a man needs” mentality like we do at times, how differently would history have been?

Ruth not only took care of herself, but she took care of her MOTHER-IN-LAW!  That alone is a lesson where VALUABLE tidbits of instruction reside.  When we go beyond thinking of ourselves, take the road less traveled, and trust God completely, we will achieve the greatest spiritual, emotional, and financial fulfillment!  I don’t know about you, but I want to have a Naomi in my life that will steer me in the right direction, have the faith and courage that Ruth possessed that absolutely knew that God would provide, and have a “Boaz”, that would simply know how to treat his lady!!

Give thanks to God NOW for your blessings to come!